The book of the Prophet Isaiah

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Welcome to the study of one of the world’s great spiritual writings! May its important message give you help and blessing.

Course Details
Author: Rev. Roland E Miller
Lessons: 17 ( 120 pages)
Estimated duration: 8 weeks

Course Summary
The book of the Prophet Isaiah has two distinct sections. Chapters 1-39 make up the first part, and chapters 40-66 are the second part.

Chapters 1-39 are mainly a warning to the nations, including both the rebellious children of Israel and other erring nations. They are to repent of their misbehavior, for God will judge them severely if their pattern of life does not change.

Chapters 40-66 are mainly words of promise and hope. God loves His people and will not forsake them despite their bad conduct. He will graciously send a Servant-Saviour who will deliver them and restore them as God’s people. Much more than that, however, he will liberate the whole world from the power of evil.

Course stucture
The course is divided into seventeen lesson with a recommended duration of eight weeks. Each lessons is based on one or more chapters of the Book.

Questions are interspersed into the text of the book with a line on which the student can write (or type) an answer or response.

Course Lessons
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2 thoughts on “ : The book of the Prophet Isaiah”
  • John Samuel says:

    Sir, I would like to know wheter any previous biblical knowledge is required to join this BCC.


  • admin says:

    Dear Samuel,
    Thankyou for your interest in our courses.

    These Bible courses are designed for people from any religion. No previous knowledge of the Bible is required to attend the courses.


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